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In the late 19th and early 20th century there was this magical period in Europe, especially in Austria and Germany, where there was an explosion of amazing work in the commercial arts. The streams that would become graphic design were beginning to flow together: type, layout and illustration but it wasn't quite refined. There was so much passion and energy and the subtle imperfections make the work feel alive.

One of my good friends, Michael Cina, and I had been talking about this era a lot last year. Ghostly reached out to Cina about doing the Mary Lattimore project and it came through with a cover painting by Becky Suss. The Painting had that same energy and life as the work we had been looking at so Cina asked if I wanted to work on it with him. Cina had imagined that a lot of the books and art in this house would have been created around this time period. We imagined ourselves back in this era and created our own little world from the ground up. I started sketching ideas and Cina started drawing type and working on the visual direction.

Everything you see was made by hand, from the type, to the illustration. We bounced back and forth from analog to digital many times, finding that perfect balance. An enamel lapel pin was produced and shipped with the first 100 LP orders through the Ghostly store.

Design, type and direction Michael Cina
Painting by Becky Suss

Mary Lattimore project w/ Michael Cina Mary Lattimore project w/ Michael Cina Mary Lattimore project w/ Michael Cina Mary Lattimore project w/ Michael Cina

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